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Laura Testie

“I have so much more joy around food in my life and I feel better in my clothes.”

Before working with Michelle, every day was a struggle. I agonized over every decision about what to eat and how much. I was so embarrassed about my eating and I would secretly devour sweets, and binge on foods that I craved. To make up for my indulgences, I drove myself to exercise or shamed myself when I didn’t.

I have now stopped binge eating and eating in response to anxiety! Michelle helped me learn how to trust myself and my body, which allowed me to let go of the judgement around what foods are healthy or not…



“Working with Michelle has changed my life forever”

Before working with Michelle my life felt out of control. I was so wrapped up with taking care of my two children, worrying about money, my days were consumed with point counting and making sure I did not go over my point allowance, sleeping all day and not taking care of myself. I felt like I had lost myself and could not figure out why I was here.

Now I am more relaxed about food and life. I am kinder to myself, I’ve learned to ask for what I need, and I do more things that I enjoy. Another huge change is that I don’t compare myself to other women as much and I’m more confident in speaking my truth..



Live and eat fearlessly.

What would be possible for you if…

  • You no longer deprived yourself of food, pleasure, rest, connection, love, time, your dreams?
  • You were free of worry about what you ate, what you can or can’t eat, when or how much you exercised?
  • You felt at home and at ease in your body, comfortable in your skin, delighted by what your body allows you to experience?
  • You felt clear about what it is you truly desire, what you truly crave from your life and were experiencing more of that every single day?
  • You infused your relationships with authenticity, easefully expressed your needs?
  • You performed work in the world that truly lights you up?
  • You had a sense of purpose in your life, you knew what you came here to do and were living it?

Can you taste the possibility? In how many ways would your life be different if this were true? Would you finally feel full?

Sink Your Teeth Into Pleasure

I believe you were meant to travel lightly on this planet. To experience pleasure and share your joy, not just as a reward for some endless stream of sacrifice, but as a Divine birthright. That’s right, I said it. Pleasure is not only desirable, it’s a nutritional, physiologic and spiritual requirement! I’m guessing if you have been struggling with food, you are starving for pleasure. Somewhere along the way you have lost your permission to have pleasure.

How’d you like to get it back? Cool, that’s what I’m here for.

Feast On Fulfillment and Purpose

What happens when you unlock your possibilities… When you reclaim your Divine birthright to experience pleasure – whatever that means for you – each and every day… When you let go of the false beliefs, cleanse yourself of toxic ideas and habits, and free up all that time and energy spent worrying or obsessing over diets, rules, restrictions, how you look, whether or not you are good enough…?

What happens is you lighten up. Life lightens up. Your body lightens up.

And you create space.

Enter clarity. Enter your real appetites. Enter courage. Enter energy and vitality to pursue your dreams. Enter your brilliance. Enter purpose.

And I can tell you right now there is nothing more satisfying, nothing that will fill you up more than living your life on purpose and feasting on all the wonder that is you.

I’m Michelle Leath, and I would love to show you how. I coach and mentor women who are ready to ditch the rule-book and to give themselves Permission to eat, love, work, play and live life in a way that truly nourishes them, on their terms.

Shall we dig in?

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